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Successful People Use Timeboxing for Time Management: Find Out Why

Timeboxing is allotting time to a task and completing it within the timeline. Successful people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates use this method for effective time management. Thomas Frank explains in his vlog how this method can help you too.

When you are timeboxing tasks, you do not waste time finding out what to do during that period. To complete the task within the stipulated time, you focus more. The first step is to write up a plan where you fix a time for each task. You can use apps to help commit to timelines or can use a digital calendar to alert you on time.

Humans tend to have ‘planning fallacy’ so they overestimate things. To estimate correctly, start practicing with Toggl and you will gradually become habituated with the new method. Divide the bigger tasks into small bits to achieve faster or separately. If your plan gets disrupted, revise the plan and get going.

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