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Follow Footsteps of Leading CIOs to Deploy AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to become way more prevalent than Siri and Alexa in the coming years. From daily household use to back office automation, AI will dominate other leading technologies.

In this article at CIO, Chris Davis explains that constant advancement in the field of automation has encouraged many enterprises to deploy AI at a large scale.

Notion of AI

AI being an umbrella term for advance technologies to reduce human effort, may gradually overturn the market competition. It has the potential to completely transform the way organizations do business. By the end of 2019, more companies will access and implement this life-changing technology. Here are some leading CIOs spilling the details of AI deployment in future:

  • Walmart CIO: Global major by revenue, Walmart has deployed over 500 bots to automate internal processes, shares CIO Clay Johnson. With growing expectations for AI to unlock business value, Johnson aims to scale AI across the entire company which may affect the in-store displays in over 5,000 US stores while improving workforce productivity.
  • Western Digital CIO: Test Equipment is one of the chief expenses in hard drive manufacturing and Western Digital is optimizing it for $19 billion to save hundreds of millions of dollars in CapEx. The CIO of Western Digital, Steve Phillpott reveals that the company will be using advanced machine learning and convolutional neural networks to improve its wafer yield management.
  • Bank of America & Harvard Team-Up: Due to the inefficiency of engineers to completely imagine the implications of the technology they develop, Bank of America (BoA) COO and Technology Officer Cathy Bessant has teamed up with Harvard Kennedy School to create the Council on the Responsible Use of AI.
  • 7-Eleven CIO: Aiming to adopt technology in two broader categories—proven and emerging, 7-Eleven has adopted a fast follower approach that its CIO Gurmeet Singh calls as ‘watch closely and actively experiment.’ The company has deployed a Facebook Messenger chatbot that allows its users to sign up for the 7Rewards® loyalty program, locate a store, learn about the latest offers, and much more.
  • Pearson CIO: The 174-year-old education firm Pearson is well-positioned to apply AI across the organization. CIO Albert Hitchcock unveils, from transforming customer call centers using chatbots to learning design, pedagogy, and insights into brain functions to create a personalized learning experience, all rods of the venture will transform using AI.

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