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Change Your Attitude Towards Life to Transform Your Present

Anton Chekhov, a Russian novelist, was born in a poor family. His alcoholic father used to beat him up, so the author’s attitude towards life was gradually turning negative. One fine day, he wanted to understand the reason behind this anger and bitterness. His father was not allowed to pursue his dream job for which he turned to alcohol. By accepting his father for who he is, Chekhov’s life turned around. He became a well-known figure whereas his siblings got lost in the negativities of the present.

In this Goalcast video, author Robert Greene narrates how he too had a mind-altering experience after he met with an accident. He accepted his situation of being dependent on others. Gradually, he was able to get back in shape.

People want different things in life and whine when they do not. By not accepting it, you are becoming angrier and not seeing the gifts sprawled in front of you. Life is not what you want it to be but a ‘series of facts’. Your attitude towards life will decide what you get in life.

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