9 Leadership Lessons from the Popular TV Series ‘House of Cards’

If you want to get leadership lessons as well as entertainment during your spare time, watch ‘House of Cards’. The lead character Frank Underwood is a powerful amalgamation of talents, attitude, and skills. In this article at Gamelearn, find out the 9 leadership lessons from the popular TV series ‘House of Cards’.

Learning Leadership Lessons from TV

The reason why millions of viewers are glued to the series is that the character sparks inspiration. Following are the 9 leadership lessons from the popular TV series ‘House of Cards’:

Being Resilient: One of the topmost leadership lessons is to be resilient in the toughest of situations. Whether someone is there to support or not, you must strive forward.

Confident to Start from Scratch: If things go wrong, do not feel disheartened. Start from scratch by unlearning what you have learned before.

Making or Breaking Careers: Why do people seek leadership lessons? Leaders have the power to influence people. It is enough to make or break someone’s career. So, do not take your actions casually.

Being Generous: Generosity goes a long way and one of the most empathetic leadership lessons you get from the tv series.

Encouraging Everybody to Win: Instead of side-lining underperformers, encourage the entire team to perform well.

Earning Trust Instead of Demanding It: You cannot ignore paying back for the loyalty your team shows. Earn your trust by giving them yours and make that the only condition between you and the team.

Dealing with Situations as They Come Without Anxiety: Taking every situation in your stride is one of the best lessons of ‘House of Cards’. Nobody knows what the future holds so stay prepared mentally instead of worrying for the unknown.

Not Being Insecure: If a colleague knows better than you, never pause to seek help. Help your teammates develop their skills without any bias or prejudice.

Success Is a Concoction of Prep and Luck: A good leader will always be farsighted. That is how you prepare the team for the upcoming challenges and hope to ride the tide of success together.

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