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4 Ways CIOs Can Handle Security Threats— Now & Beyond

Data security is one of the constant threats faced by CIOs and it will continue to escalate ahead considering the high payoffs for perpetrators.

In this article at Information Week, Andrew Froehlich suggests four smart ways to help the CIOs turn their organization and data into less appealing targets for the hackers.

CIOs: Strategize Smart Move

The past eminent data breach cases have put security as the first and foremost priority of CIOs. Even though it is impossible to ensure complete protection for an organization, strategies could be put in motion to significantly reduce the risk. Here are four smart ways for CIOs to prepare and handle security threats:

  • Get a Handle on Endpoint Devices: Bring your own device (BYOD) is one of the most open threats to cybersecurity. Adding in technologies like identity and access management should be the top priority for CIOs.
  • Data Extortion Plan: A recent research from TrendMicro suggests, data breach for extortion is seeing a sharp rise. The occurrence of such situations does not give enough time to the CIOs to think and act. However, if they work with their counterparts in information security, governance, HR, and legal division of the organization in advance to make an action plan, everything will remain under control.
  • Social Engineering Training: The CIOs must train their staff against social engineering attempts. Younger recruits should be considered as the biggest threats to the company as they are already accustomed to sharing personal and professional details on social media. The details may form a tailor-made spear-phishing email that may provoke unfortunate situations.
  • Hire a Data Protection Officer: A DPO is accountable for all the technical and legal details behind data security strategy. His guidance can be passed on to the CIOs which can later be given to the entire organization.

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