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Shopping for Project Management Tools? Check Out These 6 Best Picks

Project management tools help to keep things organized, no matter the size, team strength, or timeline of the project. Be it a freelancer or a full-time manager, it is always good to have things automated at times. If you are looking for project management tools, Jane Hurst gives 6 best picks in this article at Hackernoon.

Comparing Project Management Tools

While all project management tools help in controlling the intricacies of a project, some provide unique services. Let us see which one of the following project management tools you would want to try out:

GanttPRO: This is one of the project management tools that was built to increase the visibility of timelines and plans for IT teams and freelancers. The tool is also popular in sectors like manufacturing, construction, retail, marketing, etc. With an intuitive interface, great UX design, and template variety, it manages project progress, resources, deadlines, and tasks. You can tweak the project roadmap, allow auto-schedule, export reports, and share information. The cloud-based application is accessible to all around the clock. Because of its stringent privacy standards, industry leaders like NASA, DHL, Hubspot, etc. are its customers. Try out its 14-day trial.

Jira Software: Scrum boards are its main component which developers, HR teams, freelancers, marketers, etc. can leverage. Kanban boards are also present in the software to maintain a good communication channel and enhance transparency between teams and clients.

LiquidPlanner: This comes with a real-time dashboard which continuously updates itself to give you real-time project visibility. With Card View, track how to-do tasks are shifting from pending to progress to done status. Budgeting and time management tools keep you in check and prevent the team from rushing towards the deadline.

Basecamp: Teams can create message boards, to-do task list, store files, schedule task, and communicate in a group or individually. Get single-thread solutions from the team through check-in queries. Send actionable tasks, messages, emails, etc. to customers through Client Access. Hill Charts aid in tracking progress and update notifications and Reports describe the project status. The flexible tool allows you to send email links to people that are not on Basecamp. You can also customize your project and upload videos whenever required.

Smartsheet: This is one of the project management tools that have in-built integration capabilities with Microsoft Office 365, Jira, Salesforce, etc. Its widget-based dashboard shows you trends and upcoming risks through real-time analysis. Customize applications and facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration with this tool.

Wrike: The tool offers customizable dashboards to suit your various projects and software development cycles. With Dynamic Request Forms and Gantt charts, you can schedule, highlight, and delegate assignments. Customer Workflows and Wrike Proof Tool increase project visibility and improve the feedback loop. Developers, creative heads, marketing teams, etc. find Wrike useful for its collaboration capabilities. You can also connect to Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Box, etc. for better project management.

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