How to Work Peacefully with Aggressive Coworkers?

Aggressive coworkers can make the work environment quite negative. It not only dampens team morale but also hampers individual productivity. What to do in this situation? In his blog, Chris Croft discusses how to work peacefully with aggressive coworkers.

Handling Aggressive Coworkers

Working with aggressive coworkers is like controlling a bomb that can blow off any second. A lot of people give in or ignore this behavior, but that further emboldens them. These people respect those that confront them. However, retaliating aggressively can be disastrous too. Following are the ways you can calm down these coworkers and contain the situation amicably:

Empathize: Start your sentence with ‘I understand’. Aggressive coworkers will get the message that you are on their side. They have lost patience in something, maybe you. Calm them down first with your words.

Call Out the Behavior, Not the Person: If they are still yelling, tell them this behavior is not going to resolve the problem. Their nature will never change, but their behavior can tone down. Talk calmly without using words that could provoke them further.

Ask Them for the Solution: Your coworkers are not happy with the current solution or situation. You can give a solution to the problem. If they are not going to listen to yours, ask them for the solution.

Dig Deep: Aggressive coworkers blow up at the slightest of provocations. Maybe there is an underlying reason for it. Ask them plainly where they are having trouble in. They will either control their anger going forward or you will get to the root of the problem.

Give Them Options: Provide this type of coworkers with a flurry of options to contain the current problem. As they get busy considering all the options before responding, they might forget to remain angry.

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