How to Facilitate Communication between Sales and Marketing Teams

Pepsi vs Cola, North vs South, Ali vs Frazier… Of many great rivalries we have witnessed throughout history, the modern world hasn’t seen a worse one than the one between sales and marketing.

They often have the same goals but different ways of accomplishing them, and even when they are on the same page, they don’t speak the same language. This can be a source of frustration for any business owner. And to be honest, it’s not just them. Everyone in your organisation needs to be able to communicate with one another, regardless of their position.

Designers, marketers, accountants, content writers, SEO experts, and sales gurus. All of them need to work like a well-oiled machine in order for your business to thrive. And as the boss, you need to set a good example.

Well, that is easier said thantime done. Getting grown-ups to resolve their issues, to be mature and respectful in the workplace and to put their differences aside is, surprisingly, extremely hard to achieve. Regardless, every step you take is a step in a good direction and every improvement will make a difference. Let’s see what some of the ideas and methods you can implement are.

Start from the Top and Work on Yourself First

Before you start working on them, you should take a good look in the mirror and realise your own faults and misjudgements. In order to inspire change and meaningful improvements, your employees should look up to you and see a pattern of behaviour they can imitate and contribute to the company. There is no method more effective than leading by example.

Another issue is your relationship with your employees. If they feel they can share issues with you without retribution, chances are that you will solve a lot of problems before they blow up and create another water cooler showdown. It’s not easy going down that road, but it’s a great long-term strategy. 

Hire Like You are Choosing Your Family…

Because in a way you are. You will be spending no less than 40 hours a week with these people, and, quite frankly, you probably won’t spend that much time with your own family.

It matters that you feel comfortable with people that you work with, that you enjoy, if not socialising, then at least being in the same room with them. When employees get fired because they don’t fit in, it seems unfair, but unpleasant and toxic environment leads to serious issues, for both sides.

That is why your role carries so much weight since you have the power to decide who joins the circle. When you hire your new employees keep in mind not only how well can they do their job, but also how they would contribute to your culture, working atmosphere and overall mood.

That is the best way to avoid conflict, by choosing people that work together well.

And if There are Issues… Bring Your Employees Closer!

There is no way to completely avoid conflict nor should you try to. Just like in any relationship conflict provides a platform for growth and deeper understanding. But not all conflict is so beneficial.

Often, employees tend to quarrel, just because they don’t like each other and prefer being spiteful than talking it through. In many cases like this, managers tend to force them to talk it out and it leads nowhere.

There is a better way to handle this. People are bonded by shared experience, and it helps to leave office once in a while. If your employees enjoy a fun team building where they get to participate in silly games, do face painting, or race with giant balls around them, tensions might not run so high.

You can’t really get them to talk about their feelings, but at least they can create a happy memory instead of having only the miserable ones.

They are a Team, not a Group of Co-workers

Salespeople and marketers who disagree can ruin your business. Salespeople and marketers who work together to overcome their difference and choose the best possible solution will skyrocket your establishment.

Even though we try to deny it, all of us play favourites at work and do more for people we care about. And if we have a good team, then we have no problems helping out each and every one of them, despite how low they are on our favourite co-worker list.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create such a unique working atmosphere, but it is important to note that it has nothing to do with money or any other resource.

You just need to care about achieving it, and you will, undoubtedly, be successful. After that, conflict resolution is a piece of cake, and every issue is very easily resolved.

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