CIOs, Get Hands-on Experience in Data Center Construction

Agile methodology helps CIOs gain flexibility in IT planning while saving budget. However, they tend to let others in the team deal with it. With the onset of new technological developments, it is time for a little more hands-on participation from the CIOs in the construction of data centers.

In this article at CIO, Nancy Novak explains that since CIOs’ involvement in new developments remain limited, the dissent between reality and expectation remains less than desirable. This is one of the big reasons for pulling back a new model for data center construction.

The Tale of Two

The author suggests two prime modes of data center construction including ‘build it big’ and ‘Agile Construction’. The first one is gibberish yet costly while the second one is more flexible and precise, but demands the involvement of end-users and CIOs. The agile methodology may bring speed and accuracy to the data center construction as it allows incremental expansion in exact configuration.

Construction Meets Sci-Fi

A distinctive agile project involves 3D modeling, off-site prefabrication, and usage of bots and virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) technology. Using 3D modeling, CIOs may enable a large portion of the data center to be built off-site, squeezing the project delivery schedule by almost 40 percent. The usage of VR and AR will equally enhance CIOs’ participation in agility. VR enables them to ‘walk through’ data center to identify biometric scanner, something not to be found on the drawings. While AR will allow them to see through walls by overlaying the design with real on-field conditions.

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