CIO Tips: Get a Front Seat at IT Budget Planning

In the year 2019, companies are expected to invest more in technology. With that being the case, the CIOs need to gear up fast and make way to lead the budget planning, keeping digital transformation (DX) in mind. This will help them deliver the most by beating all odds.

In this article at ZDNet, Alison DeNisco Rayome explains that with overall IT budgets are rising, the budgets planned by CIOs are either for managing legacy infrastructure or to stick towards cloud-based services. This means, getting involved in the decision-making process of the company will bring positive outcomes for the CIOs.

Technology: The Strategic Differentiator

To gain the true value of technology development, companies need to leverage it to optimize the current business process or model. Mostly DX opportunities exist within the business units and processes. The CIOs must strategize ways to not just optimize the present business models but to also look at the potential ways to generate revenue from new business models.

By making these needs more clear, CIOs can take a lead in helping their struggling organizations to articulate the true business value of IT.

A Seat at the Table

By showcasing their multilingual skills of using technical and business languages together, CIOs can shift their seat ahead at the digital transformation budgeting table. There is no harm in demonstrating your true value in IT from technical powers perspective first and then a service portfolio perspective.

If the IT firms do not learn to become instrumental in customer experience and digital delivery, they will face complete irrelevance ahead. This is an existential threat to the market presence of the organization if they do not get their IT departments to make this shift. CIOs can achieve success and get the desired resources if they make good use of the investments in driving best business outcomes. Therefore, make good use of this opportunity in 2019.

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