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5 Reality Checks a New IT Service Desk Manager Encounters

After being promoted, an IT service desk manager must handle things differently. In the quick-paced environment, you must be equipped to encounter challenges as well as opportunities. Find out the 5 reality checks a new IT service desk manager encounters in Joe the IT Guy’s blog article.

Realities for a New IT Service Desk Manager

Though entry level, IT service jobs open various careers for you—problem analyst, change analyst, and security analyst. You can also get promoted to IT service desk leadership role. If you have worked hard to earn this, work harder in the first few days or months. Following are the 5 reality checks a new IT service desk manager will encounter:

Unhappy Colleagues: An IT service desk manager garners respect from across the organization. No wonder several had applied for the position. Some might resent the new promotion, so keep your happy outburst exclusively for your family and loved ones. The first few days might be erratic, but people will get used to your promotion soon. If you had troubles with a team member before, have a one-on-one to resolve past issues.

Time to Update Work Relationship: You have complained about the workload or infrastructure and shared work jokes. As an IT service desk manager, you must understand the management point of view and trickle it down to the team. Be tough at times to get things done. Though you expect to keep the same level of camaraderie, they might exclude you from informal outings altogether. Fine-tune yourself to the new reality.

Giving Feedback: An IT service desk manager must ensure that the team displays top performance. However, not even the high performer can deliver top quality every time. Though you are still new in the position, do not settle for less. Encourage and provoke the team members to scale up their skills. Instead of fearing confrontation, embrace it. Since you already know the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates, channelize them in the right direction.

Failures: You are going to fail, not once but several times. Those that did not get promoted are going to be happy when you are struggling. They would have done the same for anyone that got the position, so do not take it personally. Ask team support and remind them that you are still new to this.

Changing Work Environment: You will not have the same workload, relationships, expectations as before. Instead of being surprised, get ready to be shocked or surprised every moment. Be honest with your team members and seek their help to grow as an IT service desk manager.

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