4 Leadership Tips to Manage Gen Z Employees

After millennials, it is time for generation Z to rule the corporate world with more digitally transformed ways. However, to remain open to fluctuating market conditions, the Gen Z employees need to gear up and hone their skill.

In this article at Business2Community, Darleen DeRosa explains that with the advent of first-born Gen Z members in the corporate world, a well-planned strategy will be required to manage them.

Gen Z Leadership Strategy

With the first generation of digital natives entering the workforce, they are bringing their own set of rules and constantly using technology to improve their productivity. To lead and manage them, organizations need to have advanced technologies and leadership strategies. Here are a few tips to follow:

  1. Encourage Competition: The Gen Z employees are more competitive than millennials or baby boomers. They never lose focus from their goals and that could be an added advantage for the leaders. They can promote competitions among peers and other departments to bring innovation and accountability among workers.
  2. Targeted Learning: The Gen Z is highly ambitious and has entrepreneurial aspirations. By highlighting the skills or experience they can get from working with experienced employees, leaders can frame challenges as learning opportunities. Offer them self-directed learning tools to gain their confidence.
  3. Keep Them Busy: Instead of assigning one task at a time, keep the Gen Z employees engaged in multiple projects. Gen Z prefers multi-tasking over perfection on one. It makes them naturally suited for sprint-oriented task management workflows.
  4. The Reward for Good: Unlike millennials, Gen Z gets motivated with rewards, work-life balance, and financial incentives. So, keep rewarding them if you wish to retain them for long. Else, they will easily slip and get caught by competitive brands.

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