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Why Project Offices Must Invest in PPM?

Prioritization for decision-making, faster project execution, accurate plan and forecast of investments in projects for the organization, these are some common benefits of a PPM solution.

However, if you wish to gain maximum out of minimum investment in PPM, first be aware of the term PPM and what it does for the organizations implementing it. In this article at Arras People, Chris Taylor explains PPM and how it can help organizations, especially PMOs to get the most of it.

PPM Learning Curve

PPM is the process of analyzing and managing projects, used by project managers and PMOs. However, the ultimate objective remains demonstration of the PPM software and processes leaving a lasting impact on the organizational roles. As PMOs play a major role in big organizations, a clear understanding of PPM process will benefit them in achieving leadership goals. Thereby, it is essential for PMO to understand PPM benefits.

PMO Leadership Benefits

Be it a manager, director or any senior member, the prime objective of the PMO leader should be to develop project and prioritize resource. Also, the PMO leader must focus on improving organizational agility with right planning and prediction while elevating value perception of the PMO.

The possibility of achieving these goals is possible with effective prioritization of work inflow. However, not all work requests are worth considering. Thus, the PMO must know when to say ‘no’ to a low ROI project to achieve many lucrative goals. PMOs accept that all incoming work lacks priority and still ends up meeting deadline. This may also raise questions over the existence of the PMO in the organization.

Implementing a PPM solution will help the PMOs to increase their success rate by improving priority, surging agility, or communicating the business value of their efforts. PPM empowers PMOs to take many improved decisions while staying aligned with the business and maintaining the accuracy of future predictions.

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