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Why is Reputation Crucial in Modern Recruiting?

In the modern world of recruiting, a candidate’s reputation plays a major role in molding the hiring decision of a big firm. To keep their career graph up, the candidates must update the hiring authorities with appropriate data that may bring positive results in the background screening.

In this article at Rework, Charles Coy explains that about 50 percent of talent acquisition firms and hiring managers rely on data as they hunt for candidates. The data gives recruiters a 3D view of the candidate’s personal and professional background.

Virtual Reputation

Past work experience, performance, learning and development pursuits and current network of a candidate build a virtual reputation, which is crucial.

New Resume Format

Even though knowledge and skills best define a candidate’s reputation, sometimes undefinable and unquantifiable characteristics result in the loss of a job offer. Picking up hard skills is way easier than soft skills and this is one area of failure for many candidates.

Ongoing recruiting trends are also pushing some hiring managers to pursue a more holistic view of a candidate’s profile. A candidate’s information is available on multiple social networks like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, clearly defining if the person is a good fit or not.

The new-age hiring managers go by their instinct on whether the candidate will be a good fit for the organization or not. But with the availability of enough online data to support the candidate, recruiters can take flexible hiring decisions more confidently.

Therefore, it is the role of HR managers to research deeper into the employee data and help them strengthen their reputation. They must guide the employees by providing a career path and train to retain them for long. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/rework/role-candidate-reputation-modern-recruiting

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