Why Gen Y is Less Prone to Phishing Attacks?

The new-age Gen Z believe that they know everything about the digital space, technologies, cyber threats, and so on. But the fact is that they are the most susceptible lot when it comes to phishing attacks. Contrarily, a Google report suggests that Gen Y isn’t as overconfident as Gen Z and that is why they are less prone to phishing attacks. The report further states that the previous generations are more educated or aware of security threats and concepts. Thus, they are more likely to cross-check suspicious things before falling for them.

In this article at Tech Republic, Macy Bayern does a real-time assessment of older generations vs. gen Z in terms of security threats.

Experience Matters

Older generations always use their own experience and knowledge to deal with things. They believe in the traditional approaches or methods while experimenting with new ideas. However, Gen Z believe in breaking out of the norm and end up falling in the cyber traps. Some of the common examples from the survey report are listed here:

  • 53% Gen Zers don’t have any idea about what phishing is.
  • 78% Gen Zers use the same password for multiple online accounts without realizing the repercussions.

How to Safeguard Yourself from Phishing?

Here are few tricks to stay safe online:

  • Experiment with different passwords for online accounts.
  • Facilitate data recovery by setting up phone number / alternate email address.
  • Maintain up to date software.

Decrease the risk by setting up two-factor authentication.

To read the original article in full, click on the link here:

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