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Which 2 Areas Are Lagging Behind in IT Implementation?

In this digital age, the IT space is dominated by the need to excel. Companies can be seen introducing new project models or setting up centers of excellence (CoE) across all functions in the software development lifecycle to gain a competitive edge over others. Likewise, firms are exploring areas across operations and support functions as well to achieve excellence. In pursuit of this, new operational excellence groups are being established to drive strategic governance, SLAs, product releases, and continuous improvement programs. Even PMO groups are to be believed to be effective in driving project management excellence.

In this article at, Srikanth Ramachandran emphasizes that though companies are striving hard to achieve excellence across different project management functions, still there are 2 areas that have often been neglected from this limelight.

The Two Disregards

The software development lifecycle comprises multiple functions right from conceptualization till the final delivery of the product. However, two functions within this cycle are often ignored or mistreated from an even share of attention.

Requirement Management

This phase has a crucial role in ensuring that the final product matches the business expectations. Thus, it takes into consideration many factors while documenting product requirements such as business complexities, stakeholder availability, user demographics, and so on. This segment requires better attention like setting up an excellence group to identify advanced tools and techniques applicable for this function and management.


This activity has a great influence on product or application quality. Most technology firms are concerned about compliance and regulations rather than focusing on product testing framework.

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