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What are Tech Enterprises Focusing on in 2019?

In this digital space, technological advancements are happening by the day. Anyone who is out of this progressive league must bear the brunt of failure or technology obsoletion at some time. The year 2018 saw some major digital or technology disruptions along with some critical instances of data breach across the globe. Thus, it was evident for technology professionals to emphasize more on privacy and security as their major concern for 2019 during the recent @IDGTechTalk Twitter chat about enterprise tech trends.

In this article at CIO, Michelle Davidson talks about how the IT space recently realized its vulnerability in terms of cybersecurity and thought of implementing strict measures to curb it on priority.

The Weak Link

The recent IDG tech poll highlights that in 2019 enterprises are more worried about their cyber privacy and security quickly followed by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain.

The Prime Concern

Recent research reports believe that blockchain or cloud computing will be able to prepare the organizations better to tackle their cybersecurity or privacy concerns. However, the way these technologies will be utilized or implemented across the companies will be different from what was conceived or predicted in 2018. Cloud/collaboration tools, encryption technologies, and data governance will play a major role in enterprise security while complying with the GDPR regulations of 2018.


AI will likely make its way into every corner of business across industries but not as soon as expected. Companies will get to realize the benefit of AI or machine learning against long-term technology investments.

Cloud Computing

The adoption rate of cloud computing is likely to increase in 2019. Moreover, it is expected to spread its wings into new markets and industries as well.


Blockchain established its presence in 2018. 2019 will see the real-time experimentation of blockchain based on use cases.

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