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Remote Work: Key to Form Team of Loyalists

Forming a team of loyalists is as difficult as cracking a code without experience. In the world of IT business, where opportunities are immense, and competition is high, a group of loyal team members can use magical strokes to bring unexpected growth opportunities.

In this article at, Jennifer Parris explains that hiring remote resource not only broadens your talent pool, but it also saves cost by forming a brigade of the loyal workforce.

Loyalty Traits

A team of loyal individuals possesses a strong and clear objective and operating norms. However, it is not easy to form a team of like-minded loyalists. Therefore, it is best to allow the team members to judge the interpersonal skills of their peers in the future. Let the existing team members interview the shortlisted candidates and judge their potential to become part of the team. Here are some reasons clarifying why remote work leads to more loyal employees:

  1. Work-Life Balance: Remote work leads give enough time and space to the employee to maintain work-life balance. They efficiently manage professional and personal life, without giving up on anything. This act of sheer balance makes the remote employees stays in the organization for long.
  2. Pursuing Your Passion: Being stuck in the conventional office environment or travelling daily to work does not give enough time to the employees to follow their passion. However, in the remote work, once the task at hand is finished, they can make enough room to pursue their passion, without worrying about the financial security.
  3. Improves Productivity: Often employers fear that out-of-sight employees may not work as efficiently as the in-house resources. However, lack of micromanagement and sense of responsibility towards the trust a company has extended are reasons enough to improve productivity.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Remote work not only saves enough cost for the organization, but it also eliminates unnecessary cost of travel, formal wear, lunch or dinner, incurred by the employees. Being able to retain more for saving makes the employees more thankful to the organization and they stay in the organization for longer period.

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