Leadership in the Digital Age

The sound of yet another notification from the countless apps on our phones disrupts our sleep. We spend the majority of our awake time glued to our smartphone devices. They trace our steps, our food intake, our social interactions, shopping habits, work applications, and so much more.

We’ve become addicted to technology and recognise it as a vital part of our everyday lives. It seems that our lives are in hands of programs, systems, and robots. And yet, no other generation has been in such need of actual human leadership.

It is easy to see the downside of all the extensive use and abuse of technology. When you read, for example, that in a span of 6 years more than 250 people have died while trying to take selfies, it is difficult not to label the rapid advance of technology as a pest, taking over our society. It seems like the best thing would be to get rid of it completely. But the digital is here to stay, and it’s a stretch to say it only produces fatal and grim consequences.

The ability to interact in an instant with the entire world has created a powerful force aimed to create a positive change and create a long-lasting impact on the world around us.

People connect through various platforms, expand their reach from small communities to global stages, and are relentless in advocating for their goal. From climate change to human rights, social media movements have taken over, and their reach gets bigger every day. In order to lead, you need to be digital.

In schools and business, in NGOs and corporate board meetings, technology and leadership intertwine and tangle. There is no separating them, not anymore. So, how can you make sure that you are successfully weathering the storm that is leadership in the instant, frenzied world that is the digital age? Let’s have a look at some tips that can help you get started.

It All Comes Down to the Human Element

The stories that reach the furthest are still the ones that have the human element in them. Whether they are transferred through word of mouth, a funny tweet, or a prolonged BuzzFeed story, it’s still the human part that catches our eye.

If you are interested in pursuing a leadership role in a world that is dominated by technology, you need to restore the balance, by putting people first. If you focus on efforts on connecting with people, reaching out to those in need, and working on your communication skills, you are far more likely to get to your end goal.

Focus on nurturing people skills and interpersonal skills – not just your own, but those of your team as well. Make it a point to visit and host conferences together, meet outside the confines of the office, and work together on becoming a better unit.

No Issue Is Too Small, No Platform Is Too Big

The best way to handle the rapid digitalisation of our routine is to take full advantage of it. No matter how small the issue, the reach is limitless. As a leader, or someone interested in cultivating their leadership skills, you should use the tools you have to your own advantage.

Take advantage of the platform you have access to and expand your reach universally, across the borders, languages and cultural differences. The same goes for your business. The technology eliminated all the boundaries, all that is left is to connect.

Reach Out to People with More Experience and Look For Guidance

Being a leader isn’t easy at any age, and being digital means you are also very visible and prone to unsolicited criticism. It can be very difficult to handle all that outpour, and asking for help isn’t something you should be ashamed of.

Depending on your final destination, you should look for business coaches, therapists, or mentors in order to help you attain your goals. Hubs like Upskill Coach can help you find and evaluate them. Make sure that you have reached out to them before the damage is irreparable. Neither your business, nor your personal life should suffer the consequences you could have avoided.

Everything is global, and you should be too

If you are running a business, an NGO, or a simple social movement in your home town, you should rely on the strengths of the modern world. People are now accustomed to rallying up behind a common goal, even if they are thousands of miles away. Social media represents a platform whose reach is unquestioned, and yet to be overturned.

Use that not only to gather followers but also to find like-minded individuals who could be part of your core team and help you further your agenda.

You can get advice, help in terms of finances, market share and common business practices. You could also get the most valuable resource of all – which is knowledge. If you cast your net wide enough you could get inspired and motivated, and use that to improve your own abilities.

The sky is the limit, but we will surely conquer that soon enough.

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