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Improving IT Service Desk: 3 Questions and 5 Solutions

As per a recent SDI survey, respondents complained about several IT service desk challenges in recent years. Are there solutions for those problems that are impacting their performance? In this article at Fresh Service, Stephen Mann explores three questions and 5 solutions to IT service desk challenges.

Addressing IT Service Desk Challenges

The survey posed the following 3 questions to IT service desk professionals:

  • What seemed most problematic in their job? Inability to understand product metrics and reports topped the list. 50% of the respondents felt that obsolete or complicated in-house tools are the next most important challenge in their job. 42% believe low self-service adoption rate is a big problem.
  • Has their job experience gotten any better than in the past years? 23% of respondents think that their job has become worse than in the past years.
  • Where have they spent most of their bandwidth in? They have spent most of their time firefighting, working on new processes, and trying to understand new tools.

5 Solutions of the Above Challenges:

  • Do you need new tools or just tweak the existing ones? Find out what your IT desk agents think is the best solution.
  • Help desk agents improve work efficiency. Do not encourage them to stretch beyond office hours. Use and upgrade automation, self-service, and knowledge channels to ease their pain.
  • Estimate the costs obsolete tools are incurring on your team’s performance. Find out the kind of operational barriers, business challenges, etc. these tools are causing.
  • Look for ways to improve IT desk processes rather than firefighting continuously. Do not look for quick fixes but get a scalable solution.
  • Increase self-service adoption by creating a proper knowledge base, giving options, and facilitating mobile support. Work on making those portals compatible with user interfaces and personalized offerings.

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