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Impact of IoT on Project Management

Project management has gone through many transformations and pressure in the past couple of years. Digitization has been there at each step of that change to help operate better, leaner, and smarter.

In this article at Project Management Tips, Nathan Sykes explains how the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to change the everyday experience of project management. The effect of IoT will be readily applicable to a host of industries like software development, engineering, product development, construction, product handling, and various others.

Why IoT Now?

As per the recent Gartner report, there will be over 8.3 billion individual objects connected to the internet soon. By the year 2020, businesses alone will be operating on 7.5 billion IoT devices merely while doing business. Clearly, IoT has earned its place in the world of business already. Thanks to the efficiencies it delivers. Here are a few of the efficacies that IoT delivers to the modern project managers:

  1. Redefine the Workload: The breakthroughs in IoT has given us truly connected workplaces. Many of the processes that project managers observe will provide plottable data points by merely being in operation. They will have a web of interconnected machines, computers, and even wearables at their disposal to help them make more informed and keen decisions.
  2. Reduce Reporting & Data Gathering Effort: An IT project manager is responsible for gathering status reports on each of the machines the department uses. However, without a connected and unified solution, compiling these reports could be a daunting task. With IoT, IT and SaaS project managers have almost instant access to condition reports on servers, databases, storage arrays and every other piece of hardware they need to oversee.
  3. Great Expectation of Collaboration: IoT also provides actionable data from the different stages of projects. It helps in collaborating human skills in a way that the data your IoT investment is gathering is actually shareable and not a waste.
  4. Stakes for Cyber Security: IoT is already a center for a dodgy activity like the infamous ‘Dyn DDoS’ attack that targeted unsecured IoT devices specifically. It depends on project managers to ensure the networks being used are hardened against every known threat. This clearly means regular security audits as part of the operating procedure.
  5. Managers Turning Technologists: Any technology is best if it extends frugal usage. As a project manager, IoT might play a dreaded role in your everyday jobs. However, always remember that others will see you as an unwitting spokesperson for IoT technology, even if you are skeptical about its usage. If you find yourself partnered with a SaaS vendor for a hosted IoT solution, there is an open opportunity for learning available to you.

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