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How to Get Senior Management Buy-Ins and Retain Them Too

Senior management buy-ins are vital for any project’s success, especially for digital initiatives in today’s world. While you focus on gaining support, do you also work on retaining it across the project? In her blog HR Bartender, Sharlyn Lauby provides tips to get senior management buy-ins and retain them.

Retaining Senior Management Buy-Ins

Lauby attended the HR Technology Conference recently. One of the speakers insisted on the importance of retaining senior management buy-ins after achieving them. That is another step that you can add after gaining stakeholder support. Following are the steps to get senior management buy-ins and retaining them too:

Identifying the Best Supporter: While receiving support from all quarters is important, find out which senior management buy-ins matter the most. With the right contacts and support, your project is already lined up for success.

Explaining Project Ideas: Senior leaders are busy people as they handle several projects simultaneously. Convince them to hear your ideas out so that they can decide better. It will also help them bring in customers and sponsors or find out new avenues to venture.

Aligning with the Business Goals: You will get more senior management buy-ins if you pitch ideas by aligning them with current business goals. Also, include challenges and solutions to give them a fair insight.

Explaining the Roles: When you have grabbed their attention, be direct on what you expect from them. Assign them actionable items and let them know how they are enabling the project.

Asking Commitment Conditions: As senior managers are involved in various roles, they forget which projects they were involved in at times. They can also prioritize other projects. Ask them directly what they require to remain involved. It can be just a weekly report or regular checkpoint calls.

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