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Evaluate & Secure Software Components in 4 Smart Ways

IT software is embedded across all industries in the business world. But the software ecosystem of average organizations remains insecure and complex. About 75 percent of third-party applications do not comply with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) security policies.

In this article at Veracode, Neil DuPaul explains that open source software or lack of awareness in vendor coding and security practices are alarming. Moreover, new regulations like GDPR in the EU and PCI in the US held organizations accountable for cyber security.

Secure Software Optimization

Optimizing software component acquisition is not limited to be a good idea, but it has become a need, absolutely vital. To address these security risks, creating an agenda or strategy won’t be enough. Constant commitment and focus for software components evaluation are essential. Try these tasks to secure your third-party application:

  1. Security Testing: Determine the kind of security testing that is needed for your organization first. Also, identify a testing product or services required and document the timeframe and frequency while outlining the steps for each possible outcome. Moreover, amplify an exception and escalation process.
  2. Security Needs: Draw a statement to communicate vendor application security requirements from the company CIO or CISO. The statement must clearly state the reasons behind the requirements to provide a clear understanding of the framework and benefits to the vendors.
  3. Commitment & Education: It is essential to extend a broader and deeper knowledge of security practices. This could be covered in written guidance for the vendors on all aspects of the analysis process, testing methodologies, expectations, and timelines. It is equally essential to include intellectual property as part of the process.
  4. Testing Execution & Compliance: Analyzing vendor software is essential. Prioritize vulnerabilities while specifying how development teams can make fixes and address software retesting. The best way to this is with a centralized repository that tracks benchmarks and metrics.

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