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Do You Still Believe in These 3 Cloud Myths?

Cloud-based technologies have established their presence in the IT space for long. However, still many companies dread the impact of cloud on their business in terms of security, trust, privacy, and so on. Thus, they choose to remain in-house for all their infrastructure and data storage needs. Due to this, they tend to miss out the numerous benefits that cloud can furnish to improve their IT services and data management.

In this article at ITSM tools, Joe The IT Guy shares his own viewpoints on the common cloud myths and highlights how the firms lacking cloud services are lagging behind.

The Myth Trigon

The common myths around cloud services are trifold. Let’s look into them:


Most people doubt the security aspect of cloud storage and believe that it would be highly susceptible to external infiltration. On the contrary, cloud service providers spend a great deal in maintaining the security of the company assets. They maintain continuous investment in this segment to reinstate the confidence of their consumers.


Many companies think of cloud storage as storing their digital assets on somebody else’s computer. But the real picture is much wider and more comprehensive. Cloud offers numerous paybacks to its customers in terms of flexibility, interoperability, service stacks, and so on.


There are firms who fear the cost factor while investing in cloud services. However, if you make a simple comparison of cloud vs. on-premises total cost of ownership (TCO), then cloud comes out as a winner.

To read the complete overview on these myths, click on the following link:

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