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Are You Managing Project Scope Well?

Scope creep can be a serious hurdle to the progress of any project, if not managed well on time. Research studies indicate that about 10-25% of projects experience a change in requirements during their course. So, if these changing requirements are not adhered to as per the deadlines or specifications then it might delay the project delivery or affect the quality of the final product or application. Such risks must be curbed during the initial stage itself and the only approach to do so is to manage the project scope with precision.

In this article at Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall lists out certain best practices to keep the project scope on track and as per the expectations of the stakeholders or customers.

What Do You Understand by ‘Scope’?

As defined by The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), scope is the sum of products, services, or results. Scope can be of two types –‘product scope’ that talks about the features and specifications of products and ‘project scope’ that comprises the delivery of the product of service.

How to Manage It?

Hall talks about some effective practices to maintain the project scope intact without any major hassles. Here’s what he proposes:

  1. Requirement gathering is a challenging task. So, it is best to employ a skilled business analyst for this job. Proceed with listing out the high-level requirements first and then drill down to the details.
  2. Use a suitable Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to break down the projects into small tasks with respective task holder.
  3. Make prototypes and present to customers as you proceed along the project. Do not wait till the project ends to showcase what you are creating.
  4. Conduct regular team meetings to ensure scope alignment and discuss issues or variances.
  5. Maintain a proper change control process to accommodate the unexpected change requests.

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