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5 Tips to Counter Conflict in Project Management

Workplace conflict is an inevitable issue that may arise in any group of skilled individuals. The project managers are responsible for resolving these issues without hampering the productivity of the team. Even a minor argument may turn into a heated conflict and halt a promising project.

In this article at Microsoft Project User Group (MPUG), Dr. Lynette Reed explains that ‘blameless conflict’ helps in fortifying the project and building a resilient foundation. While ‘fracturing conflict’ hinders the project progress by causing loss of focus and emphasis on the blame game.

Adopt to Prevent

The project managers in any industry can adopt a conflict management process to prevent or deal with the unfortunate conflicts. Consider these moves to integrate a conflict management process in your project team:

  1. Identify the Situation: The best way to deal with a conflicting situation is to identify if it may cause blameless or fracturing conflict. If the situation involves blameless conflict, then look for ways to resolve it by sending an email or organizing a small event to laud everyone. However, if it is fracturing, then aim for diverting the team’s focus to work without any interruption.
  2. Follow Protocol: Set a conflict protocol for the work and make sure the project team follows it. This means the team members are bound to focus on facts and solutions, without being judgmental about it.
  3. Fear Motivators: Reduced triggering reactivity enables team members to remain open to share different views. Common fear motivators like fear of failure, loss of a job, or even fear of losing self-identity may lead to conflicts. Reducing fear improves employee engagement, creativity, and communication.
  4. Maintain Consistency: Maintain consistency of conflict management throughout the project process to upsurge the validity and liability of your actions. Encourage blameless conflict while responding to the fracturing conflict and maintaining work consistency.
  5. Be Goal Oriented: Keep your and team’s focus intact on the project goals to avoid conflicts. Every project manager must help the team to remain goal-oriented.

The author believes that conflicts can work towards creating enduring results in project management, only if dealt wisely. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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