These 10 TED Experts Can Improve Your Problem-solving Skills

You should have good problem-solving skills for day-to-day operational activities. Though you do it every day, there are times when you cannot. In this article at Business 2 Community, Cari Thompson suggests 10 TED talks that will improve your problem-solving skills.

Seeking Expert Help for Problem-Solving Skills

TED invite experts from various background to share their life experiences. Hearing them out might give you a fresh outlook and better insights. Watch the following 10 TED experts share their valuable advice to improve your problem-solving skills:

Tom Wujec in “Got a Wicked Problem? First, Tell Me How You Make Toast”:

In his talk, Wujec suggests breaking problems into simple bits. He describes a design exercise and explains how people solve issues.

Shimpei Takahashi in “Play This Game to Come Up with Original Ideas”:

Sometimes, the sheer volume of the data can overwhelm and cloud your judgment. Clear your mind with Takahashi’s exercise to improve your problem-solving skills.

Navi Radjou in “Creative Problem-solving in the Face of Extreme Limits”:

Radjou’s experience is more applicable for countries with limited resources. Nonetheless, you could use his problem-solving skills to push forward irrespective of resource volume.

Carol Dweck in “The Power of Believing You Can Improve”:

As per Dweck, all it takes to improve your problem-solving skills is changing your mindset. If you give up in a crisis, you will never be able to come out of it.

Susan Etlinger in “What Do We Do with All of This Big Data?”:

In this video, Etlinger suggests that it is important to increase critical thinking abilities to analyze data correctly. Ask tough questions and take proactive measures to leverage data.

Joi Ito in “Want to Innovate? How to Be a “Now-ist”:

Ito observes that the Internet has made innovation easier and cheaper to implement. Use this to your advantage by creating great solutions, remaining connected, learning continuously, and working on the present.

Uri Alon in “Why Truly Innovative Science Demands a Leap into the Unknown”:

To improve your problem-solving skills, conduct in-depth market research like a scientist. Even if you fail a project, acknowledge the lessons learned in the process.

Kelly McGonigal in “How to Make Stress Your Friend”:

Leaders must know how to handle stress. Looming deadlines, large projects, and complicated issues are a daily routine. McGonigal says that you must look at this workplace stress positively to be more efficient.

Sarah Lewis in “Embrace the Near Win”:

Understand that you cannot be perfect every time. Instead of being demoralized, take this lesson to improve yourself. Gather experience from your near-failures and close-wins to move slowly towards career and life goals.

Robin Nagle in “What I Discovered in New York City Trash”:

To solve tough problems, do not shy away from getting your hands dirty. Find out the root cause, if need be, to get your answers.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.business2community.com/strategy/10-ted-talks-to-make-you-a-master-problem-solver-02192545

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