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Learn How Digital Transformation Can Drive Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) has become quite a popular practice across business functions and industries when it comes to realizing the true potential or capability of an existing IT service management setup. In fact, enterprise service management is believed to deliver the same results that can be expected from the digital transformation drives.

In this article at ITSM Tools, the author, Stephen Mann states that more and more ITSM professionals are now grooming themselves as experts on enterprise service management. However, he also contemplates that while doing so, are they trying to learn from the success or failure stories associated with the implementation and use of such enterprise service management initiatives?

The Realistic Approach

Mann further opines that such learning curves can be difficult to access and attain. Thus, as a first step, it is beneficial to integrate the readily available digital transformation case studies to corporate enterprise service management strategies and their execution.

Good Practices

As discussed above, since enterprise service management is still in the budding stage, very little details exist (free of cost) that throws some light on its real-time implementation. However, you can get access to multiple paid corporate guides that can take you through the complete ESM journey. However, they still don’t talk about the digital transformation media interest?

Time to Go Digital

Apart from the good practices that one can find in those extensive corporate guides, people can also explore the digital platforms to learn further on ESM. There are multiple websites and forums available online that can extend information and knowledge free of cost. Mann highlights one such online report called ‘The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) 2018 Insight Report’ that gives an in-depth view of the existing shortcomings in digital transformation initiatives, real-time experiences of some C-suite executives across 40 firms, and strategies that can applied further to achieve success.

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