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Is Your Project Team Being Too Risky?

Most of the project managers spend their time contemplating the risks that might affect their project during its course. While doing so, they take into consideration every tangible aspect – the milestones, budgets, quality parameters, stakeholder commitments, and so on. However, all these aspects are very task driven. What about the intangible aspects, especially the project team or teamwork? This is one crucial area that is commonly ignored by many but plays an essential role in ensuring project success.

In this article at Project Risk Coach, Elizabeth Harrin focuses on this intangible aspect and highlights how slight error on this front can put your project at risk.

Are You at Risk?

The skill or ability of a team to work together is the most important factor that can ensure smooth execution of the project. Here are some ways that show how team work, if not done right, can be highly risky for project:

Communication: Improper or delayed communication can hit your project hard. If you team doesn’t communicate or respond to communications on time, then you might end up missing every single project deadline. So, set up a culture of proper communication, clarify things if you don’t understand, and share every information unless it’s confidential.

Estimation: Schedule is a crucial part of the project. If the people or team involved in preparing the schedule have no relevant experience in estimating, then your project is at high risk. Never jump to conclusions in a hurry. Pay proper attention to details and train the team on estimating techniques before handing over the baton to them.

Resource Management: Make sure that you are assigning the right task to the right people based on their capabilities or strengths. Improper resource management can to unavoidable delays and can cause conflicts within the team as well.

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