How Will IT Budgets Evolve in 2019?

With technology leading the game at different business fronts, most industries are now shifting their prime focus towards the allocation and utilization of their IT spends. Therefore, IT budget was the main point of discussion and research at the recent Tech Pro Research survey where most companies expressed their desire and need to spend more on IT, owing to its increasing importance and impact.

In this article at ZDNet, the author, Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman, shares certain key findings from this survey and showcases how the IT budgets are likely to evolve across industries and companies in 2019.

The Changing Trend

Gone are the days when IT was just considered as an ordinary business function. Nowadays, it is at the forefront of any business. Thanks to the technological advancements that are happening over time and changing the way people perceive IT as a function. The Tech Pro Research conducted in August 2018 interviewed technology professionals across industries to understand the existing value of IT in their company, the variances in IT budgets over the time, and the future spends planned for IT. Here are some quick insights:

Investment is Booming

Studies showed that security and cloud services were among the top planned investment areas in 2019 as compared to the previous year. Besides, there was a major shift in planned IT expenses towards employee trainings that emerged as a new top priority. Reason being that employees need to equip themselves with the rising technologies to be on top of the game.

Vendor Expectations

Though the rise and popularity of new technologies is a win-win situation for the IT vendors, yet they need to prove their worth to the customers who would expect a better return on investment than before. They would have to face new challenges and conduct proof of concepts to justify the suitability of their software or product for the potential business or customer.

To read the original research report in full, click on the link here –

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