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Fit into ‘Fi’ Footwear with Puma Self-Lacing Sneakers

After Nike, globally renowned sportswear maker, Puma has debuted in the smartphone-connected self-lacing shoe segment. In this video at Engadget, Richard Lai shares first-hand details of Puma Fi or Fit intelligence self-lacing sneakers, recently unveiled in Hong Kong. The sneakers work with a small touch strip tactfully placed in the tongue of the shoe. Users can adjust the fit using their smartphone or Apple Watch or even by touching upside down the touch strip. The laces will adapt the shape of the foot with a click. The brand invites ‘techies’ to sign up to the beta test of the product by downloading its Pumatec app, also known as a ‘bespoke workout app experience.’ The black body sneakers with blue strings are specifically designed to bring the user’s attention towards technology as well as experience. The Puma Fi self-lacing sneakers are moderately priced at $330 and will be available at Puma store in 2020.

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