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Control Your Brain Activities to Stay Positive in Life

In this Be Inspired video, motivational speaker Mel Robbins talks about brain activities in default and direct mode. In the default mode, you are doing things without thinking like brushing your teeth. In the direct mode, you are aware of your activities and the surrounding environment. The default mode of brain activities is important to avoid stressing out your brain. Controlling it will help you take actions instead of wasting time rewinding disastrous memories. Bad things will happen in life. The trick is to not let your brain think about those by default and ruin your present.

What you think becomes a part of your default mode and you are in that mode 46.9% of the time, i.e. half the day. Negativity can become your default mode if you remember those incidents more. So, envision to keep yourself in the direct mode and think positive. This change will take place gradually. Keep a tab on your thinking throughout the day initially. When you notice negative incidents clouding you, write down what you think is bad. Train yourself to get rid of those negative thoughts and stay more in the direct mode.

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