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Adopting DevOps? Are You a Horse or a Unicorn?

In a bid to excel and outperform others, most companies try their hands on the new emerging technologies and experiment to create multiple service offerings out of them. One such emerging or rather prominent technology, creating the buzz nowadays, is DevOps. Thus, going by the same spirit to excel, most IT firms are becoming increasingly focused to create their own DevOps capability and be the ace technology provider, or what they call in common terms –a ‘Unicorn’.

In this article at ITSM tools, the author states that though most technology firms consider themselves to be the star of the game, they are simply ‘horses’ and not ‘unicorn’. He shares that the methods or approaches that companies use to adopt DevOps can be the factor that further classifies them into different kinds of horses.

Are They Really Different?

Wilkinson talks about his own experience and encounter with different organizations that participated in the Phoenix Project DevOps simulation and who were still not clear about what kind of DevOps horse they are at present or the kind they hope to become in future. The author further lists down the different types of DevOps horses along with the definitions:

Pit Pony: This horse moves at its own slow pace, follows guidelines blindly, caters to ad-hoc requests, and has a lethal work culture.

Donkey: Burdened with work pressures related to cost saving, and resource optimization. Adheres to orders but bears the brunt of all mistakes.

Workhorse: Believes in team work and holds the ability to deliver services according to predefined frameworks.

Stagecoach Horse: Besides being known for speed and team work, this horse works as a strategic partner and holds a high competitive spirit.

Carthorse: Good service provider but considers it to be a ‘unicorn’ or master of DevOps game.

Gym Horse: Clueless and moves without direction. Not a good choice for DevOps business.

Hybrid Frog Horse: This one believes in becoming a DevOps horse through some magic despite its inefficiency in service delivery.

Boxer: The most hardworking and dedicated lot of the IT farm but lacks the intellect or knowledge to meet the business demands.

FloggingDead Horse: These companies believe DevOps is over-hyped. They need to be dragged or pulled up to see the real picture.

Unicorn: None can match up to its reputation. The IT Industry can only look forward to the new start-ups to work out the magic.

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