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A Reality Check: Is Your Career Successful?

Career success is quite a subjective topic. Though most organizations and job functions have defined criteria to measure success, yet it may have a different definition based on the individual’s priorities and future vision. Some people consider themselves successful when they experience handsome vertical growth or foresee a good learning curve ahead. However, others might equate success with the money factor.

In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy shares the same feeling about how different people value diverse things when it comes to career success or job satisfaction.

The Diversity

Espy believes that the way millennials perceive success today is quite different from what people thought a generation ago. She further shares that there are still multiple criteria that could help people measure their success curve. Here’s a gist of them:

The ‘7’ Factors

  1. If you are moving up the hierarchy ladder, then you won’t feel the monotony of being stuck in a job profile. Along with growth, you gain more experience and expertise that gives a feeling of being successful.
  2. Some people concentrate on the meaningful aspects— whether their job has a purpose or is interesting enough to hold them back.
  3. Few individuals enjoy their life when they can make both ends meet with their salary beside having some luxury and emergency funds.
  4. The intellectual category of employees focusses on the learning opportunities that come their way in a job to feel successful enough.
  5. Job satisfaction mainly comes when you love the work you do else most people just the thought of going to work every day.
  6. When you can deliver the best and hold a list of accomplishments, job satisfaction is evident.
  7. Many people prefer stability in their career and hate the idea of switching jobs frequently.

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