A CIO Guide: Diversity at Workplace

Diversity at the workplace is a much talked about philosophy across industries these days. The global workplace scenarios have changed and people are more attuned to diverse work cultures and hierarchy in their organizations. It is true to believe that diversity has its own charm. It can make people feel more inclusive and aligned to their company than ever before. However, the IT sector continues to struggle on that front.

In this article at CIO UK, Thomas Macaulay talks about the potential business benefits of having diversity at workplace and how some top CIOs are already on the go at this front.

Diverse yet Complete

Here are some case studies of top reputed global companies that worked on creating diverse work cultures: – CTO Theirry Bedos believes in providing gender equality and placing equal emphasis on recruiting both men and women. They wish to develop talent from all sectors of society.

Global Radio – CIO David Henderson holds a great record of utilizing diversity and inclusion to realize his dream of digital transformation with a perfect unbiased mix of employees.

Cancer Research UK – CIO Tiffany Hall has moved beyond the boundaries and reached out to girls, LGBTQ+ and disabled people to help them out with career choices in technology space.

City, University of London – Director of IT Claire Priestley went on to create a series of events called ‘CIO+1’ to welcome people from underrepresented segments to participate in her workshops or discussions.

Radius Payment Solutions – CIO Dave Roberts led a series of initiatives right from flexible work cultures to community events in order to make people more inclusive in the company.

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