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9 Documents That Keep Your Project on Track

Most IT organizations have a structured approach to target and bag new projects. They spend months of effort and money to prepare proposals and outbid their competition. However, it is quite common for them to falter when the deal is finalized, and the project management starts. As evident from its name, project management is quite a tedious task. Thus, if all the project aspects are not managed well then, it’s bound to fail.

In this article at Girl’s Guide to PPM, Elizabeth Harrin states that the most crucial aspect of project management is documentation.

The 9 Prerequisites

Harrin further shares the 9 essential documents that must form a part of your project lifecycle. Here’s the list:

1.    Business Case

This document is created during the ideation phase to kick start the project. It explains the purpose and aim of the project and is detailed enough to justify the cost investment as well.

2.    Project Charter

This document comes up during the project initiation phase. It is quite a comprehensive document that talks about how the project is going to run and who holds the authority at which stage.

3.    Project Management Plan

The plan comprises a list of factors that can affect the project along its course like project tolerances, variances, change control, quality management, and so on.

4.    Project Schedule

The schedule list the tasks to be done in each phase along with the respective owner and timeline.

5.    Project RAID Log

During the execution phase, it is quite mandatory to maintain the RAID log. RAID stands for ‘Risk, Actions, Issues and Dependencies’. RAID log comprises the information regarding all these items in a register kind of a format.

6.    Status Reports

Status reports are the project updates that are useful during stand-up meetings, board room discussions, etc.

7.    Budget Tracker

Project budget tracker comprises the financial records about the contracts, procurements, processes, and so on.

8.    Lessons Learned Review

Lessons learned documents talk about the success stories or failures encountered during the project. It is created during the closure phase.

9.    Project Closure Document

This document formally entails the performance of the project against the deadlines specified, risk and other factors addressed, and the location of project files as a part of the final handover to the client.

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