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5 Recent Phone Trends After a Period of Dullness

In this CNET video, senior editor Iyaz Akhtar talks about 5 recent phone trends. One of the phone trends is foldable phones. Royole, Samsung, and Huawei are current market leaders in this sector. Next, is the competition around notch, a concept that Apple introduced us to. Wireless charging technology is another attractive addition to phone trends. However, they are yet to come up with a universal charger. Interestingly, Huawei and Samsung phones can charge other devices using reverse charging technology.

Low light photography had always been at the center of the trends. Google and Huawei cameras are the primary showstoppers. Until recently, you need to have deep pockets to get better phones. Now, you can get an iPhone 7 in $500, Moto G 7 is $300. Nokia and Samsung too have pretty good low-end phones.

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