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4 Tips to Save Digital Assets from Departing Employees

A departing employee who is leaving the organization for career growth and has had access to critical data of the company, can misuse it in multiple ways. If he switches to a higher role in your counterpart, he could share the unlimited data access given to him during his tenure in your organization.

In this article at Information Management, William ‘Billy’ Hammel shares some smart ways to protect company data from the leaving employees.

Guard Your Resources

From backing up the company’s confidential data on the personal device to sharing essential client details with the competitors, or accessing payroll to claim illegitimate funds, the departing employees can cause enough distress. Even if they are absolutely harmless and their intentions are clean, other employees can take advantage of their exit from the company. So, here is a list of ways to guard your company’s resourceful data from the employee switching job:

  1. Identify & Block Leakage: It is difficult to save digital assets without identifying the source of leakage. Therefore, determine and guard the potential avenues that may cause data leakage. Map your organization’s data flow and do a vulnerability analysis to protect from mishaps.
  2. Data Snooping: Grant limited access of confidential data to the employees to perform a certain nature of the job. To be more precise, give limited data access, computer, and device, application, network or internet privileges to the employees. Leaving no room for mishap is the best way to guard.
  3. Deactivate Access: On the last day of the departing employee, ensure that all the company emails, network, or remote login credentials of the employee are deactivated completely. Make sure the essential client emails exchanged by the employee are forwarded to his or her reporting manager. Also, change the passwords of all essential clients, vendors or third-party accounts used by the employee and wipe off all the company data from the employee’s mobile.
  4. Conduct Exit Interview: Soliciting feedback from the departing employee ensures many ways for the company to improve its security system. It is your first opportunity to assess any threat the employee may pose. The best way to save your data is by executing a non-disclosure agreement and share a copy with the employee to review it. Give them a gentle reminder that they are prohibited from using or disclosing your company’s confidential information.

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