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What to Do When Project Quality Leaves You Red-Faced

Project quality defines the success of your deliverables and client relationships. It is something that is hard to understand and depends on various aspects. Following are the 8 ways Harry Hall thinks you can improve project quality in this article at Project Risk Coach.

Upgrading Project Quality

One of the most common causes of bad project quality is poor team dynamics. However, that is not an excuse clients would like to hear. Following are the 8 ways to improve project quality:

Make It Realistic: As per the Project Management Institute, project quality is ‘conformance to requirements and fitness of use’. Define your quality expectations so that the teammates can pace themselves up accordingly.

Plan to Manage: Everyone would strive for the best, but they must prioritize as per a plan. So, the quality management plan must define the required roles, responsibilities, tools, and techniques. Understand the type of software testing environment the team needs and how you will measure project quality. Figure out the processes to audit, track, and report anomalies. Discuss how to assess the deliverables and the common terms your team would use for easy understanding.

Prioritize Quality: If you audit project quality on a regular basis, the feedback will prevent teammates to rerun previous mistakes. You will also catch errors early, spend less time redoing things, and experience cost efficiency.

Spend on Quality Sensibly: While you are spending time on improving project quality, other tasks are waiting in the pipeline. Ensure that the cost for your focus on quality does not outweigh benefits.

Focus on Relevant Tests: Prepare the team to test deliverables for stress environments. Your software might work well with a few users but might crash if system overloads. So, do not skip the critical tests before delivery.

Keep a Testing Time Slot: Testers often get to test deliverables at the end of an iteration or just before delivery. So, affix a time slot within which developers must send their codes for testing.

Know When to Negotiate: The foremost priority is to deliver the project within the set timeframe and budget. However, know when to negotiate regarding budget, time, quality, cost, and risk with project sponsors.

Don’t Depend on Tools a Lot: Organizations buy quality management tools without a thorough background check. Talk to the existing customers before buying them from the vendors blindly.

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