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Remote Work for Women: New Trajectory of Growth

Women employees face enough biases and challenges in the workplace. They receive less salary in comparison with their male counterparts for an equal amount of work.

In this article at Fast Company, Karen Rubin explains that women are subjected to unfair perceptions of leadership styles and other biases due to which it is difficult for them to earn respect.

Women Facing Challenges in Remote Work

The situation of a female employee is even worse if she is working from a remote location. The unique challenges make it tougher for remote women employees to nurture their career and achieve goals. However, here are some smart ways to empower yourself as a remote employee:

  1. Advocate for Yourself: As visibility is one of the major challenges of remote work, advocating for your accomplishments could be difficult. Therefore, make good self-promotion strategy to showcase your worth. Use tools like Slack and Trello to maintain consistent communication with the coworkers. Also, no harm in making an effort to get on a plane for real face-to-face interaction with coworkers, if possible.
  2. Flexible Learning Opportunities: While working from a remote location, possibilities are high that your employers will overlook any professional development activities for you. However, being distant from the office, you can take advantage of attending ongoing industry conferences and events in your location to the network. Share insights from these events with your colleagues and reporting managers to gain their constant support.
  3. Create Mentorships: Mentors are the best source to help with career advancement, but investing in a new relationship is daunting when you are outside of the office. If you find your tribe wherever you are, learn, and catch up with them at a coffee shop, coworking spaces, or other nearby co-work spaces.

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