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7 Tips to Spot an Ideal Project Sponsor

Organizations commence projects to improve their products and services. The success of each project brings fame to the organization as stakeholders feel pleased to invest in the forthcoming projects. Therefore, to improve the chances of project success, organizations need to wisely choose a senior executive to act as the project sponsor.

In this article at Be Leaderly, Jo Miller explains that the ideal project sponsor has the willingness to place a bet on untapped potential and holds a strong record of creating success stories.

Spot the Unstoppable

The project sponsors are responsible for lining up essential resources at the beginning, managing or sometimes personally performing certain activities to deliver the desired results. However, they could rarely take chances of personally managing the projects.

Therefore, they must rely on project managers to do their bit. The project sponsors need to be the good judges of performance and every organization has very few people who can fit the role well. Here are some smart ways to identify the eligible sponsors:

  1. Identify leaders who are open to praise their subordinates in public. They extend constant support to the subordinates while offering them guidance to accomplish challenging tasks.
  2. The potential sponsors are hands-on in their involvement with talent development activities like mentoring and high-potential talent management programs.
  3. Observe the high-potential leaders who are behind someone’s soaring career and are facilitating advancement.
  4. Attend employee resource group events to discern that executive sponsor who is the most involved and committed.
  5. Pay attention to employees who speak highly of their boss for making a huge difference in their career graph or has helped them broadened their capabilities.
  6. When an up-and-coming leader speaks up in a meeting, notice the one who supports them, promotes their ideas and decisions.
  7. In a turbulent time like downsizing or a change in leadership, watch out for leaders who actively protect protégés from the negative impacts of those changes.

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