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4 Best Practices for Project Resource Management

Project resource management is a tough job that project managers must optimize to achieve project success. However, you are bound to face some conflicts in an ongoing project. In this article at, Brad Egeland discusses 4 best practices you can use to improve project resource management.

Project Resource Management Best Practices

Conflicts and misunderstanding are common when people work closely together irrespective of experience. As these are unavoidable factors, establish the following 4 best practices for project resource management:

Keep All of Them Busy: Assign tasks to all of them, preferably a major deliverable to each one. You are billing their bandwidth to the client or corporate accounts, so utilize them as much as possible. Ask them to send weekly work reports to monitor improvement in your project resource management techniques. If need be, you can present consolidated work progress status to your clients or upper management. Shared responsibilities will improve engagement and ownership skills.

Monthly One-on-Ones Are a Must: Even with tight deadlines, ensure you conduct one-on-one meetings with each for better project resource management. Know their career aspirations and personality. Discuss the improvement areas, task status, and your expectations from them. If they have acquired new skills, you will able to utilize them in other areas too.

Never Settle for Less: Always set your expectations higher with every new assignment to improve project resource management. Even though you are assisting other teams, never keep the bar low. What you expect is what you get.

Include Team in Decision-Making Process: Except for a few cases, always include your teammates in the decision-making process. They will feel involved and be encouraged to play pivotal roles in the project’s success. Though you have the final say, you might get better ideas out of these brainstorming meetings.

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