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How Can Young Managers Handle Older Employees?

In the corporate world, there is no ‘age bar’ for the position you want to achieve. The ambitious millennials are leading a team of staff older than them in many big firms, which is not easy.

In this article at Forbes, Victor Lipman explains that in the startup world, mostly young managers are assigned to manage and get work done from the older employees than them which is way harder to tackle practically.

Hard-Won Insights

Significant age gaps between reporting manager and staff may add additional pressure on the need for getting along well as a team. Effective management needs a mix of taking the time to get to know the older employees, understanding the depth of their knowledge and skill, and motivating them to deliver the best. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure diligent accountability of their staff’s performance. Follow these four principles to effectively manage the staff older to you:

  1. Respect Their Achievements:  Over the years, an employee older to you has gathered enough experience that can help you lead better. Thereby, never ignore what your staff may bring to the table. Even though you have earned your title through perseverance and hard work, it is best to leverage the experience of older colleagues working for you.
  2. Integrate Their Working Style: Irrespective of the age gap, every individual has a different working style. As modern workspace has digital applications like Slack, Google Sheets, and CRM programs to keep track of employees, older staff struggles in adopting the new setup. To help them get along easily, conduct trainings and integrate working styles.
  3. Do Not Over-Communicate Authority: Find an easy way to be effective and assertive without over-communicating your authority on the older employees than you. Reinforce your credibility while managing your ego in doing so.
  4. Practice Empathy: There is a major gap between the lifestyle of young and old people. It may not necessarily that if you are a fitness freak and wish to hit the gym first thing in the morning, your staff would follow the same. Give your staff the empathy they deserve for possibly the role they are playing on the personal front.

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