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All the IT Women, Gear Up to Advance Your Career

Even though the IT industry is mostly dominated by men, the women IT professionals can carve a niche for themselves by beating all odds.

In this article at The Wall Street Journal, Sandy Shirai raises concerns over the lack of gender diversity in the IT industry and suggests how women can take the front seat.

The Reality Check

Despite intensive efforts to improve the situation, the condition of gender disparity is prevalent. This is the reason, many women in IT are still struggling to get senior positions with an aim to improve their female subordinates’ condition at work. Here are five tips for those who are struggling to get ahead in IT:

  1. Keep Metcalf’s Law in Mind: Also known as the ‘network effect’ of communication technology, Metcalf’s Law is one of the basic lessons of computer science. If you lack a connection with people, then you cannot promote your accomplishments or potential. But being connected to colleagues, management, classmates, and clients can actually help you access a wider range of valuable professional details.
  2. Do Not Resist Change: If you find yourself qualified for an existing position, openly convey your interest to the decision-makers to figure out. Resisting your interests due to fear of change and competition may hamper your career growth.
  3. Do Not Play Down: Being a part of the IT industry, never hesitate to talk about technology with male colleagues. Expressing your tech-savvy persona may help you fit well in the predominantly male environment.
  4. Embrace Your Uniqueness: Being a woman, you innately stand out. So never miss taking advantage of it. The upside is that leaving a lasting impression is easy by seizing opportunities to speak and clearly communicating ideas. However, you need to ensure that your ideas are heard and implemented too.
  5. Find Mentor: Even though it is a long way to go before the industry reaches gender parity, finding support from peers is a lot easier now than it was in the past. Thereby, find a suitable mentor for yourself at work, who is willing to advise you, and learn as much as possible from them.

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