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10 Adaptive Leadership Skills to Thrive Today

Every year a team of product and project managers releases a list of skills to help leaders cope with the changing times. This year they accumulated 10 adaptive leadership skills that are in demand across all the industries. In this article at a Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Nadine Rochester describes those 10 adaptive leadership skills.

Listing the Winning Adaptive Leadership Skills

You must adopt adaptive leadership skills to understand and ride the new wave of digitization. Following are the 10 skills that leaders need to imbibe and scale:

  1. Adjusting to Disruption: The emerging technologies are disrupting businesses today. To thrive, one of the top adaptive leadership skills is to adjust.
  2. Using AI and Big Data: Project managers should not worry about whether intelligent machines will take away their jobs. The primary differentiator would be your leveraging these technologies to derive value.
  3. Fast-Changing Environment: You can turn the challenges you encounter in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) business environment into opportunities. For that to happen, project managers must imbibe adaptive leadership skills sooner than later.
  4. People Management: Companies are outsourcing a lot and that means project managers must deal with vendors more often. Learning how to handle various relationships will enhance their adaptive leadership skills.
  5. Collaborative Platforms: Emails are not the best method of sharing information now. To help the team grow and learn faster, use collaborative platforms like Dropbox. This improves project visibility as well as helps teammates to be more flexible to new tools. Learning to work on these applications allow you to prioritize and manage multiple teams.
  6. Warming Up to Agile: The only way leaders can get their head around managing changes is by being agile. Having an Agile mindset is one of the most in-demand adaptive leadership skills of today.
  7. Organizational Change Management: Implementing changes on a small team will hardly be noticeable. Thinking about the bigger picture must be a part of your adaptive leadership skills.
  8. Incremental Learning Curve: It is always good to continue learning while performing your daily assignments to adapt to the new environment.
  9. New PM Roles: There will be a 20-percent rise in new project management roles in the coming decade. Imbibe new adaptive leadership skills for these roles to thrive.
  10. Combining the Old with the New: While customers demand products with more speed, performance, affordability, and returnable. To meet this demand, you must combine traditional project management methods with flexible leadership.

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