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Why CIOs Must Lobby for Intelligent Automation?

While CIOs are ready to give intelligent automation a chance, some are hesitant. It is common to feel unnerved as new technologies also increase risk issues. In this article at Ayehu, Gabby Nizri shares 5 reasons why CIOs must lobby for intelligent automation.

Intelligent Automation Benefits

2018 was earmarked for intelligent automation, so it is given that in the coming years you will see more of it. Instead of doubting its success, CIOs must find out the beneficial side of the technology for their company. For now, following are the top 5 reasons why CIOs must lobby for intelligent automation:

  1. Reduced Operational Costs: Torn between legacy systems and new technologies, CIOs are always doubtful about pitching in new ideas. They must balance out the company budget somehow. With automation in place, organizations will experience reduced operational costs and improved productivity.
  2. Improved Customer Services: Intelligent automation not only speeds up processes and functions but also catches errors on time. This saves organizations thousands of hours of human error rectifications and brand image building.
  3. Stable Output: With human errors out of the way, automation also helps in sticking to output and budget plans. Consistent delivery will also increase credibility and improve client relationships. With less chance of execution failures, you will begin to experience reduced budgetary overruns.
  4. More Space for Creativity: Since automation takes care of the mundane tasks, CIOs can work on increasing company ROIs. As per the author, automation can reduce project timelines by 40 percent. This helps you to take up more assignments faster and more efficiently.
  5. Optimal Resource Allocation: Since CIOs can deploy human resources to innovative projects, it becomes easier to retain top talents. They can employ human workforce more creatively.

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