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The 3 Cs of Meaningful Leadership, Illustrated by The Budweiser Frogs

Dan Rockwell, in this piece appearing in, describes how the Budweiser commercial from 1995 illustrates three dynamic skills that lead to meaningful leadership. These skills are termed as the three Cs of Meaningful Leadership. Let’s look at each of them below.

The 3 Cs of Leadership


Connection is key, as illustrated by the ad. (Click to watch the commercial here.)
Here, one frog is a boring bud and this indicates that:

  • Isolation limits effectiveness.
  • Standing aloof dilutes influence.
  • Leaders need others. You’d look foolish running a meeting in an empty room.
  • Consider yourself ‘one of’, not ‘one above’. A leadership role doesn’t make you better than the people you work with.

You can make a connection by displaying:

  • Genuine curiosity.
  • Belief in others.
  • Supporting people when they challenge themselves.


Each Budweiser Frog contributes. Therefore, contribute to if you aspire to connect with.

Some Things to Consider:

  • Contribution enhances meaning and strengthens connection.
  • Maybe you aren’t contributing TO because you’re worried about the contribution OF others.
  • Figure out who are you fighting for? Only ineffective leaders fight for themselves.
  • Stop fighting with, and start fighting for those imperfect others on your team.
  • Never use the imperfection of others as reason to disconnect, stand aloof or complain.


Conformity is the channel for meaningful contribution, as illustrated by individual musicians in an orchestra.

Two Salient Points to Consider:

  • You cannot do your own thing in isolation and contribute to something bigger than yourself.
  • A clear goal, combined with talent, alignment, and humility brings about wholesome conformity.

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