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The State of IT Service Desk Metrics at the Beginning of 2019

There are a variety of reasons why employees aren’t particularly pleased with the metrics currently employed at IT service desks. In this article in, Joe The IT Guy takes a closer look at some metrics that are currently employed by service desks, as detailed in the Service Desk Institute’s report to try to explain why this is.

Customer Satisfaction

This metric was the third most employed metric according to the report; however, it is at only 74%, which indicates that one in every four service desks doesn’t collect customer feedback at all. This is odd, given the increased focus on customer/employee experience.

Average Resolution Time & Average Cost Per Incident

Only 2/3rds of service desks record how long it takes to resolve incidents. This is in stark contrast to the 96% who measure volume – displaying a bias towards quantity over quality. Also, only 17% of IT service desks measure the average cost per incident – this is surprising as well, as recording this data can help measure efficiency month-on-month.

Abandon Rate

Only half of the service desks measure this metric, and this seems crazy. Without this metric, many other metrics, such as customer satisfaction and average speed to answer will be rendered less accurate.

Employee Satisfaction

Only one in three IT service desks take the trouble to measure employee satisfaction. Put another way, two out of three service desks don’t measure how well IT support operations are working from the staff’s point of view. Given the high-pressure environment that most service desks operate under, this seems quite illogical. Data of this nature could help reduce staff turnover and impact knowledge retention.

Joe the IT Guy hopes that performance measurement will improve in the year 2019, with increased emphasis placed on quality over mere quantity, and also on experience or satisfaction over just efficiency.

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