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Move from Being a Technical Expert to a Leader with These Tips

Moving from a technical role to a project management or leadership role is often not the easiest one to make – this is primarily because candidates lack the necessary communication skills and the ability to sufficiently engage stakeholders. In this article in by Elizabeth Harrin, Elizabeth, in discussion with Andrew Zeitoun – an expert on the subject, discovers how one can make this transition successfully.

Who’s Your Stakeholder?

Andrew explains that it’s key to know who your primary stakeholder is. Further, it’s important to deliver solutions and products that your stakeholders and users can place confidence in.

Understanding Stakeholders

Understand what motivates your stakeholders, and how they measure success – with this knowledge you can then customize your approach accordingly. This is not a one-time thing but is indeed a continuous process. This process can help your team understand what the stakeholder wants and can help plan interactions between parties as well. As Andrew explains “Stakeholder analysis isn’t a static, one-time activity. It gets repeated and refined as you go along in a project and is something you can carry over, in large parts, from project to project with the same stakeholder.”

Shifting Communication Styles

Shift communication styles to suit stakeholders when necessary. This is important, especially when team members and/or stakeholders follow a completely different style to your own.

Next Steps

Andrew says that leadership and communication skills are an important aspect of project management. Therefore, it’s important to take the necessary steps and the time to raise your game to subsequently discover how much of a difference these skills can make.

Andrew goes on to explain that once you raise your communication and leadership game “You’ll spend less time fighting administrative fires, less time frustrated because people are trying to bypass you and your organization’s project management oversight. You’ll finally get a chance to work collaboratively with your key stakeholders and solve the important problems.”

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