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CIO Tips: Survival of the Fittest in First 90 Days

The first 90 days of your career may sound a really short period, but as you learn and yearn to grow, it may feel crucial to set the tone and pace of a leadership role in this period.

In this article at Radar, Jonathan Reichental explains that too many mistakes during initial formative days can briefly or eternally hamper your ability to lead and succeed.

The Significant 90 Days

Enough has been said and suggested on the importance of the first 90 days, but nothing beats the real experience. Hence, the author has assembled top five tips that helped him shape his tenure to date. Let’s take a look:

  1. A Lot of Listening Required: Being the new hire, many will aim to bend your ear. Thereby, focus on listening over talking and formulate your priorities. Also, it is essential not to make up your mind too early. But there is no harm in rapidly getting insights into how the organization thinks and behaves.
  2. Learn About the Business: Even if you have proficiency in managing datacenter, deploy Apache, or writing poetic codes, gain inside-out knowledge of the products or services your company offers. Being an ideal IT leader, you are expected to be a partner, not a supplier.
  3. Cautious Communication: The leadership role of CIO demands to influence and remain accountable, which means your target audience is broad and you need to be persuasive. The first 90 days and beyond, is crucial to remain thoughtful.
  4. Make Progress: Along with constantly brushing your listening, learning, and communication skills, the first 90 days also demand focus on the business that needs IT leadership and support. You are hired to get things done at a much competitive pace.
  5. Work Hard Not to Break Anything: Keep your best foot forward in not breaking anything. Make sure you are aware of existing priorities and critical systems while avoiding partially-baked decisions that could jeopardize your image.

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